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Lending Library

The Sacramento Civil War Roundtable received a donation of the 105 books listed below. These are all available for check-out from our free lending library. Simply email the Title and Author of each book you would like to read to ACIVILWAR@AOL.COM and I will bring the requested books to our next monthly meeting for you, or you can send me an email requesting other arrangements.




The Civil War


Robert Paul Jordan

This Was Andersonville


Roy Meredith

The Memorial War Book


George F Williams

Civil War Guns


William B Edwards

Lincolns Secretary of War


Benjamin Thomas

Never Call Retreat


Bruce Catton

This Hallowed Ground

(2 books)

Bruce Catton

Lee�s Lieutenants


Douglas Freeman

Banners at Shenandoah


Bruce Catton

A Stillness at Appomattox


Bruce Catton

Glory Road

(3 books)

Bruce Catton

Battle at Bull Run


William C Davis

Mathew Brady


James Horan

Pictorial History of the Confederacy


Lamont Buchanan

The Way to Appomattox


Castle Books

Confederate Strategy


Archer Jones

Those 163 days (Sherman�s March)


John Gibson

Reconstructed Rebel


Joseph Wall

Concise Encyclopedia of the Civil War


Henry Simmons

The Empty Sleeve (Lucious Fairchild)


Sam Ross

Lightening at Hoovers Gap


Glen Sunderland

North to Antietam


Castle Books

Ordeal of the Union


E B Long

That Devil Forrest



Secret Missions of the Civil War


Phillip Stern

Beefsteak Raid


Edward Boykin

Freedom Under Lincoln


Dean Sprague

Confederate Agent


James Horan

Crucial Moments of the Civil War


Willard Webb

Three Years in the Army of the Cumberland


James Connelly

The Great Rebellion

(3 books)

Earl Mires

Lee�s Lieutenants

(Vol 1 and 2)

Douglas Freemen


(2 books)

Allan Nevis

Stonewall Jackson


Peter Smith

Soldier in the West


Alfred Hough

Civil War on the Western Border


Jay Monaghan

Terrible Swift Sword


Bruce Catton

Tragic Years 1860 - 1865

(2 books)

Angle & Miers

To Appomattox (9 April Days)

(2 books)

Burke Davis

The Emancipation Proclamation


John Hope Franklin

Reluctant General (Albert Pike)


Robert Duncan

Military Legacy of the Civil War


Jay Luvass

The Hidden Civil War


Wood Gray

Lincoln as they Saw Him


Herbert Mitgang

Soldier Life

(2 books)

Phillip Van Doren

The Guns at Gettysburg


Fairfax Downey

The Nation Divided


Paul Angle

Doctors in Blue


George Adams

The Confederate Raider (Alabama)


Raphael Semmes

The Road to Richmond


Abner Small

Lincoln and the Civil War


Courtlandt Canby

Lincoln Reconsidered


David Donald

Experiment in Rebellion


Clifford Downey

The Civil War in America


Alan Barker

Lincoln and the Fifth Column


George Milton

Who Fired the First Shot


Ashley Halsey

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government


Jefferson Davis

Prologue to Sumter


Phillip Van Doren

Struggle in the Old South


Clement Eaton

Mr. Lincoln�s Army


Bruce Catton

I Rode With Stonewall


Henry Kyd Douglas

The Life of Abe Lincoln


Stefan Lorant

True Civil War Stories


Joseph Millard

Reporting the Civil War


Louis Starr

And the War Came


Kenneth Stampp

Lincoln�s Education


M. L. Houser

First Blood (Fort Sumter)


W.A. Swanberg

Grant Moves South


Bruce Catton

Blockade Runners of the Confederacy


Hamilton Cochran

Sickles the Incredible


W.A. Swanberg

Lincoln Finds a General


Kenneth Williams

The Celebrated Case of Fitz John Porter


Otto Eisenschiml

The Coming Fury

(2 books)

Bruce Catton

The Civil War at Sea


Virgil Jones

Lincoln and His Generals


T. Harry Williams

Patriotic Gore


Edmund Wilson

Lee�s Last Campaign


Clifford Dowdey

Contraband of War


Laurel F. Vlock

A Yankee Privates Civil War


Robert Hale Strong

Yankee Reporters


Emmet Crozier

Retreat from Gettysburg


Castle Books



Edward Stackpole

Charles Summer


David Donald

The War for the Union


Allen Nevins

The Civil War


Harry Hansen

From Sumter to Shiloh


Castle Books

Combat: The Civil War


Don Congdon

The Wartime Papers of R. E. Lee


Clifford Dowdey

The Lost Cause


E. A. Pollard

Essays on the Civil War & Reconstruction     


William Dunning

Southern History of the Civil War

(Vol 1-4)

E. A. Pollard

Antietam & Fredericksburg


Francis Palfrey

The Shenandoah Valley


G. E. Pond

The Peninsula


Alexander Webb

Chancellorsville & Gettysburg


A. Doubleday

From Fort Henry to Cornith


M. F. Force

The Army Under Pope


John Ropes

The Hidden Civil War (Copperheads)


Wood Gray

The Confederacy


Meridian Books

Abraham Lincoln


Carl Sandburg

Mary Lincoln


Ruth Randall

Life of Lincoln


William Herndon

The Civil War Digest


Newman & Long

The Civil War as We Lived It


Otto Eisenschiml & Ralph Newman

A History of the Southern Confederacy


Clement Eaton

The Hidden Face of the Civil War


Otto Eisenschiml

The Story of the Confederacy


Robert Selph Henry

Inferno at Petersburg


Pleasants & Straley