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Scheduled SCWRT Meetings
Meeting location is
Plaza Hof Brau,
2500 Watt Ave., Sacramento, CA.

Please note, the Plaza Hof Brau is closed, and meetings are cancelled until further notice. Thank you.

2020 Programs (Date, Speaker, Topic)

January 8th Robert Bundy "Rebel Hunters of the Cumberland in the Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry?"

February 12th Robert Orr "Civil War Music"

March 11th Abigail Eller "Benjamin Judah: The Brains of the Confederacy"

April 8th Joe Maxwell & Jack Tucker "What Happened After the War? Flights of the Confederates"

May 13th Carl Guarneri "Lincoln's Informer"

June 10th John Scales "The Campaigns & Battles of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest"


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